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Marcy Mcdonald
Online Course Coach, Consultant, Instructor


Don't take my word for it--read what the people I've worked with have to say about the experience!

tigger mcdonald
Chief Happiness Officer

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KARINE BELL~Bold as Love Podcast

I can hardly express my appreciation for Marcy at this moment. I’ve been working on my course for months and months now, and have such a wealth of content, but started to feel overwhelmed by how much I wanted to share, and uncertain about how to present it all in a way that would facilitate learning and motivate my students to action. Her wealth of experience and expertise is clear, and I look so forward to seeing how her guidance will shape my final product. I feel so lucky to have found her!

JOEL SARTORE~Photographer, Author, Teacher, Speaker And Fellow Of The National Geographic Society

Marcy McDonald is the total package. She can brainstorm concepts, create and then supervise content development, and make sure all gets done on time and on budget. Seriously, if Marcy is in charge of something, it gets done, and done well.”


Meet Our Staff

​My mission is to create a corner of excellence in the online course world. Personal stuff? I’m kind of intense, kind of goofy, and kind of geeky. Crappy online courses make me cranky. I’m a lifelong learner, dog lover, and a bit of a wanderer. I'm currently studying to become an end-of-life doula.

Tigger's workload doubles up with serving as Chief Barketing Officer, Fitness Partner, Work-Life Balance Director, Go-Fer. In training to become a therapy dog for the dying.