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I've got the depth and breadth of experience to save you time and help you make a product that takes the lead in the marketplace because it's just so darn good. And I'm one of the few people who truly have that expertise.

More About Marcy McDonald

Why I'm the Best Person to Help You Create Outstanding Online Course Content ​​

Here's my track record: More than a dozen evergreen courses that grossed over $1,000,000 in their first year. Granted, those were high-budget courses with a lot of marketing muscle behind them. But the principles that shaped them are the same highly tested processes and insights that I want to teach you to use in your online courses.

"Marcy is a magnificent coach and mentor, who knows how to guide teachers to levels of performance that exceed all expectations."

 —Dr. Stephen Ressler, Professor Emeritus, U.S. Military Academy at West Point  

​​My area of expertise is content and delivery. You can get advice on how to sell your course elsewhere. But if you want to create the strongest content and smoothest performance in your industry, work with me. The experts at National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Culinary Institute of America are all selling successful courses with 5-star content because of working with my teams and me.

Here are the facts: I've developed, written, filmed, and/or supervised ~450 online courses for lifelong learners in Digital, DVD, and CD formats for The Teaching Company/The Great Courses.  I've created online courses ranging from one-hour concepts to 96 lectures. I've worked in one-room audio studios, video studios with as many as 5 cameras and a fully equipped control room, as well as in the field with freelance crews. I took the lead in conceiving, developing, writing, and filming every new subject category at The Teaching Company/The Great Courses, including:

How-to courses
Physical fitness
Travel and Culture

When it comes to developing a winning concept for an online course, teaching others how to write powerful content, and coaching subject matter experts how to perform like pros in front of a camera or a microphone... Well, the only people in the industry with experience that rivals mine are the people I trained on my teams at The Teaching Company.

"Marcy McDonald is to content development what Joe Montana is to football."

—Ryan Davis, Sr. Academic Recruiter, The Great Courses