Teaching online is NOT the same as teaching in person. And with so many people creating online courses right now, only those who TRULY understand how to teach with passion, insight, and engagement will succeed.

If you want to be the BEST teacher in your subject area—then I want to work with you. I've improved the online teaching of luminaries from National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Harvard—to name just a few. I am an expert at transforming teachers from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Hi, I'm Marcy McDonald, the Online Course Doctor. Subject Matter Experts Create Outstanding Online Courses When They Work with Me.

How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step -- Marcy's New Course

Get the clarity and understanding you need to create a concept you can actually build a course on. This actionable guide will give you the detailed direction you're seeking to make your dream of creating a successful course a reality. What most course creators don’t realize is that an unfocused course concept is the start of almost all their problems. CLICK HERE to check out a course that can make all the difference!

​Nobody knows frustration like someone who's been trying to create an online course without success. Now's your chance to break that pattern--and taste success!

What you'll get:

2 hours of professionally taught & delivered videos
PDF downloads with detailed instructions
4 Bonus PDFs
PDF scripts of Module 3, where we get into the details of how to work Marcy's unique course-concept process
Free access to a private Facebook group


“From the planning stages to the final editing, Marcy has been inspirational, imaginative, and professional. Her commitment to quality and her grasp of what is required to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary is a special gift.”
—Ken and Gillian Bartlett, Bartlett Cultural Connections, Toronto, Canada​​

“Online teaching, somewhat surprisingly to me, is a whole new dialect. Marcy is as fluent in that online teaching language as anyone I've ever met."

—Dr. Peter Vishton, The College of William & Mary