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“We’ve worked with Marcy McDonald on several cultural/educational projects, both in the USA and Europe. From the planning stages to the final editing. Marcy has been inspirational, imaginative, and professional. Her commitment to quality and her grasp of what is required to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary is a special gift.”

—Ken and Gillian Bartlett, Bartlett Cultural Connections, Toronto, Canada

​"The three biggest benefits of working with Marcy are:

  • ​She has years of experience working with the best experts across all fields from calculus to wine

  • She provides a unique clarity in creating efficient and effective strategies

  • Execution, execution, EXECUTION! I’ve never seen anyone able to execute the way ​she does and with such a kind (yet assertive) personal style."

—Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, MW, Master of Wine

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"I am an academic and laboratory head, and I treasure people who can coordinate intellectually complex projects. Marcy McDonald is one such person. I wanted to create a video course that conveyed the excitement of neuroscience in a format and language that appeal to everyday people.

Marcy McDonald helped shape my course content, coached me in how to present myself, and made me more organized."

—Sam Wang, Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Molecular Biology, Princeton University​

"I was impressed with Marcy's creativity and talent. Her experience leading strategy, content, and production makes her perfectly suited to collaborate with institutions looking to make online learning spaces of their own."

—Dr. Edward B. Burger, President, Southwestern University

—Dr. Patrick Allitt, Cahoone Professor of American History, Emory University

"Marcy has a rare combination of both content and performance expertise. In our more than five years

of working together at The Great Courses, I often saw her wrestle an enormous amount of information to the ground in order to make it more presentable through the medium of video. 

Anyone can stand in front of a camera and talk, but speaking effectively takes practice and good counsel. Marcy can provide that counsel."

—Tony Hidenrick, Director of Production / Executive Producer, The Great Courses

(Photo, L to R: Nancy Eskridge, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marcy McDonald, Tony Hidenrick)

​​"Marcy understands the importance of rapport between teacher and audience, has a complete grasp of the major issues in contemporary pedagogy, and is wonderfully easy to work with.

She is an immense asset to teaching programs of all kinds, and it would be impossible to recommend her too warmly."

—Dr. Stephen Ressler, Professor Emeritus, U.S. Military Academy at West Point 

"No aspect of my work with The Great Courses has been more rewarding than my association with Marcy McDonald.  She is adept at developing, organizing, and delivering high-quality instructional content.  She is as knowledgeable as she is creative. 

Marcy is uniquely experienced in assessing educational outcomes—and translating these assessments into measurable improvements.

"When I was preparing a new recorded lecture course, in the early stages Marcy gave advice that has stayed with me years later: she encouraged a presentation style that built interest with a narrative arc, varied the pace of presentation, wove in evocative scenes, and came to a powerful conclusion. I recall her words often: they were keys to telling the story to greatest effect."

—Dr. Vejas Lieulevicius, Lindsay Young Professor of History and Director of the Center for the Study of War and Society at University of Tennessee

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