"Marcy offers admirable hands-on involvement, from the blue-sky thinking of the creation process through to the nitty-gritty of production...and all the stages along that journey. Her buoyant personality is an invaluable touchstone. When times are tough, she never fails to provide the inspiration to drive the project forwards.

—Dean Hodgkin, International Fitness Presenter

  • Consultation to assess roadblocks to finishing and/or improving your course.
  • ​Consultation to clarify and improve the core idea for your course and your topics.
  • Video conference call to assess and improve your delivery.
  • Review content, organization, and teaching effectiveness of your first module or whole course​.
  • In-depth content and organization coaching.
  • In-depth delivery coaching.

I offer a 25% discount for veterans. CONTACT ME to discuss your online course project.

I can increase the value of your content, the effectiveness of your delivery, and the impact of your teaching through consulting and coaching.

Great teaching can be profitable and deeply satisfying for both the teacher and the student, no matter what platform you're using. If you are passionate about your subject matter and want to create the best course in your field, I can bring your content and delivery to the top of your game. 

"I can hardly express my appreciation for Marcy at this moment.  I've been working on my course for months and months now, and have such a wealth of content, but started to feel overwhelmed by how much I wanted to share, and uncertain about how to present it all in a way that would facilitate learning and motivate my students to action.  I had scoured the Internet on more than one occasion looking for the kind of information that Marcy was able to provide me within the scope of our coaching session.  Her wealth of experience and expertise is clear, and I look so forward to seeing how her guidance will shape my final product.  I don't know of anyone else out there offering the kind of coaching in course creation that she offers, nor do I know of anyone even half as qualified.  I feel so lucky to have found her!" ~Karine Bell (Mama Bear Unleashed)

"It was a revelation to see you break down a course into sections, discuss the parallel hierarchies in each and show how it would go together at the end. I still structure my classes that way—you showed me how to create better learning experiences both in the classroom and out of it."

—Dr. Steven L. Tuck, Professor and Chair of Classics, Miami University