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How to Nail Your Course Concept Step-by-Step


Marcy McDonald has worked on more than a dozen courses that earned >$1 million their first year. She has coached 100s of subject matter experts from concept to delivery. She has delivered 1000s of hours of course content using everything from smart phones to state-of-the-art, four camera studios. GET COACHING.

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Whether you're about to create a course or stuck in the process, a viable, focused course concept makes all the difference in building a course or moving forward with one. 

  • Coaching saves you time.

  • Coaching gets you expert advice for your exact challenges.

  • Coaching improves your concept, content, organization, writing, delivery, and postproduction.

  • Coaching gives you an edge over your competition by showing you how to teach better than the best.

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With so many people creating online courses right now, only those who TRULY understand how to teach with passion, insight, and engagement will succeed. Marcy can help YOU be that person.Sign up for virtual coaching.

Most people start out with what they THINK is a focused concept but which actually isn't.

This video series shows you exactly why a fuzzy course concept is the source of so many problems in organizing, creating and selling a course. It demonstrates why you must create a course around a subject you're passionate about, and it teaches how to pinpoint that passion.

Finally, using a unique process, it teaches you how to zoom in on a core concept that you can easily and logically build a course from, that will make it easier to market as well as to write. The process also works for developing a book or business concept.

Great teaching changes lives. Let's change lives together. CLICK HERE TO GET THE COURSE.